What is The Bullet?

The Bullet is a precision-made tool to score a playing card, allowing you to execute a Mercury Fold perfectly and easily every single time! It comes with a detailed DVD teaching five Killer routines with a Mercury Folded card plus access to the Bullet Forum.


Why Use The Bullet?

The Bullet is custom made to score a playing card exactly the correct depth so there is no guess work. This ensures a perfect fold and gives the performer confidence that each fold will look exactly the same each and every time.


Who can use The Bullet?

If you have never done the Mercury Fold before because you couldn’t master the move… If you’re a seasoned pro and just want to improve the consistency of your fold… If you want to take your card magic to the next level, then The Bullet is for YOU!


“This thing rocks! I am definitely using the Bullet and you will too!” – Cody Fisher

“Hey, this thing works SLICK! My folds used to look as if I had done them with my feet. They are WAY nicer now.” – Geoff Williams, former crappy Mercury Folder guy

“I just got the Bullet. Wow…I love it! The routines are tremendous. I was truly impressed with how much value you get with the DVD, killer effects, bonus teaching, the gimmick/tool, and Todd’s helpful support! And the final trick he teaches you? It’s a big-time reputation maker!” – Adam Christing, Full time performer, and Founder of

“The Bullet is easy to use and the routines are fantastic! I love it! The Bullet is a winner!” – Shawn Popp

“I found the Bullet to be easier and faster to use than Jon Allen’s product. I can score the cards almost twice as fast.” – Jon Jensen

“The Bullet is the BEST utility device I have ever purchased….makes the Mercury card fold sooo much easier and cleaner…..thank you sir!” – Danny Ottaway

“Love this tool. Makes the Mercury fold so much easier Thanks for your work on this!” – Jason Maiuri 

“I love this thing! I’ve got Jay Sankey’s Paperclipped and David Regal’s Clarity Box and I’ve never ever performed them, because I’ve never been able to get a decent mercury card fold. Now they’re both going into my shows! Thanks Todd!” – Trevor

“This ‘system’ is GREAT prep for those who ‘work’ venues…BUT – there are effects included that teach great timing, routine and misdirection that are of fine lecture level quality. The gimmick will last a lifetime. More than that…you will learn a fine false shuffle, color change for a signed chosen card and more. Mr. Lamanske – this old student of the art salutes your offering the community more value than cost. Hells Bells, I don’t think you realize how well done – how many nuances/convincers you present here. If you do mercury folded card effects – or never thought you could get it right – buy this and gain a tool that will not be regretted.” – Robert Green