Frequently Asked Questions

How do I post an update?

Head on over to the forum, type your content and click the “Post Update” button located on the right of the page.

Expecting more? nope, it’s that simple!


Can I attach media in my update?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Just kidding, of course you can! Type some content into your post and click the camera/media icon under the post box>select your image>click “Post update” Seriously….it’s that easy!

How do I change my profile image?

Make sure you are logged into the forum, point your mouse to the top right of the website>Hover over your name>Hover over “Profile” and click “Change Profile” Follow the easy upload instructions and you are all set!

Having trouble with another member?

Our members would never do that!!! OK maybe they would. If that is the case we take any online harassment and bullying seriously. We want your experience here to be a fun and memorable one. The first step would be to block that member. You can block a member from contacting you on the website by going to the trouble makers profile and clicking “block” We encourage you to inform one of our admins about the problem A.S.A.P so we can take the steps to stop any harassment from continuing.

More help coming soon!

Now that you know how to post an update you can ask more questions in the forum.

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