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Prepare to learn some of the most powerful Magic you can do for real live audiences in the real world!

Todd Lamanske teaches you the professional routines he has been using in his close-up and restaurant work for over 30 years.

The routines range in difficulty from beginner to advanced but most are within the ability of the average performer.

Each Disc has 7 tricks for a total of 21 killer routines. Here is what you get:

Disc 1

Nothing up my Sleeve
Fresh Prints
2-Na Sandwich
Ring on String
Say Uncle
Killer Queens
Dream On

Disc 2

Foreign Exchange
Flying Aces
The Time Machine
Chop Cup
Happy B-Day Card Trick
Hi Ho Silver

Disc 3

Hard Eight
Card Under Drink
Card on Forehead
Time Traveler
Anything for a Buck
Ambitious Card
Card-iac Arrest


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