bullet-back What is the advantage to a perfect fold? – Well, it is more amazing than a card that is folded poorly. The fact that you could have folded their card secretly and perfectly is just more amazing. Also, when it is folded perfectly, it is smaller and can be loaded into smaller/tighter spaces. It slides into a card-to-wallet much easier or under a spectator’s watch, etc. Finally, it is more consistent which is important if you are switching one card for another like with the Mystery Box or any of a hundred tricks on the market today that require a M.F. The cards MUST look the same!

bullet-back Is the Scoring gimmick used during performance? – No. You score the cards before performance. I usually score 10 cards and those cards get me through a 2 hour gig with no problem. Those cards are just in the deck and they don’t affect any other tricks I do with the deck. You can’t even tell they are there. Whenever I want to do a trick with a folded card I just force one of the scored cards.

bullet-back Do you have to force a card to use this? – No. There are a couple of options. You could score an entire deck of cards so that any card they choose is scored. However, I think that’s too much trouble. I personally have always forced a card that is going to be signed because I don’t want them choosing a card that has too much printed ink on it already, i.e. face cards and black high spot cards. You could also just say “I want you to write your name on a card so let’s use this one” and just hand them a card. It doesn’t’ matter. That’s not what the trick is about. But forcing is the best way and come on, it’s not hard to force a card.

bullet-back Can they see/feel the score? – Nope! The score is almost invisible to you and it is definitely invisible to spectators. The Bullet DVD shows how to burnish/rub down the score lines so they almost disappear. The burnishing also makes it so they can’t feel the score lines as well. Trust me, no one is looking for anything. It’s just a normal playing card.

bullet-back Can I just score a card with an Xacto knife? – You could but why would you? It’s hard, if not impossible, to get a consistent score depth. Too deep is not good and too shallow may be worse. Not to mention that it is a lot slower to prepare the cards. The Bullet tool and guide make it quick and easy. Just sayin.

bullet-back Any other advantages? – Yes! So we know it makes the fold perfect every time but it also makes it easier to execute the fold. That makes the move look more natural and undetectable. Also, and this was a big one for me, it gives you confidence that the fold is perfect. This will only make sense to those who have done the M.F. many times but the fold isn’t always perfect. Sometimes you can tell before you see it that it’s not quite right but you don’t know how off you are until you see it. By then it’s too late. Once I started scoring cards with the Bullet, I immediately had confidence in the fold. Without looking at it, I KNEW it was perfect. That is huge!

bullet-back What is the difference between the Bullet and the Perfect Score? – I started working on the Bullet about 10 years ago and it took a long time to find an injection mold company that could make them for me. Before I could get the Bullet to the marketplace, Jon Allen released his Perfect Score. Jon and I have spoken and he and I both agree that it is a case of independent creation. I am a big fan of Jon and respect his work immensely. I will start by saying that if you want to score a card to fold it into sixths, then you probably want the Perfect Score. While the Bullet will score a card for a sixths fold, it may be a little easier to do with Jon’s product. Having said that, the Bullet and the Perfect Score do the same thing, which is, score cards to be folded. Since I am the creator of the Bullet I don’t want to get too deep into comparisons for obvious reasons. The biggest difference is that the Bullet comes with a detailed DVD teaching 5 killer routines and it costs a little more than the Perfect Score. I personally believe the Bullet is easier to use but that’s my opinion and as the Bullet creator that probably doesn’t mean squat. 😉

bullet-back Finally – The last thing I want to say is that when I first came up with the Bullet and started scoring cards, I wasn’t convinced it was that big of a deal. I mean, I could already do a perfect Mercury fold 80% of the time. Once I started using it I knew it was a game changer. It has made my card magic so much better. I make my living performing magic and about 75% of my work is close up magic. Some of the strongest magic I do uses a scored card and I won’t fold a card without it!